The health and safety of our students, staff, and artists are of the utmost importance. Due to COVID-19, we have created a completely virtual camp and class schedule! We are pleased to invite you to join us for the Summer Sessions listed below! There are so many options!
Build-Your-Own camp experience with individually offered classes 
All summer classes have their own schedule. Please make sure to pay attention to the schedule style as you choose your programming. 
Things to know about virtual camp classes:
  • 100% Virtual (Via Zoom)

  • Tuition is class based

  • The Schedule is set up so one can choose a variety of classes to "Build Your Own Camp"

  • Each class will have it's own Zoom link

  • Participant to Instructor ratio is always less than 10:1 (most often 8:1)

Each Build Your Own Camp Class Includes:
  • Between 3.75 & 5 hours of live zoom class time with instructors

  • Between 8-15 hours of non-zoom activities, practice and/or content

  • A Final "product" such as a recorded song, choreographed dance, play, radio-style podcast, music video...any of the types performances & art you've come to know and love from act are possible...only virtual!