Austin Children's Theater

Summer Camp 2010 ACTion!

There’s never an end to the Adventure!

Can you believe we are more than half way through the summer?……….Neither can we!

So far this summer, we have created comedic scenes, taken a journey to Neverland, guest starred at a comic book convention, gone on a rock musical tour, proved to the world that we know we can dance and searched for treasure with pirates from another world.



We kicked off the summer with a week of comedy-improv. The very talented and energetic Tami Nelson and Chris Trew, two of Austin Improv’s most decorated pioneers, lead us on this “just wingin it” journey. Chris and Tami are the co-founders of The New Movement Theater : a stand-up and sketch comedy training center based in Austin, Tx. They taught us all kinds of awesome improv games and helped us be comfortable with making things up on the spot. Our favorite eight games made up our “Friday Afternoon Live” performance, which left everyone in stitches.

In our journey to Neverland, we joined up with Peter Pan for a brand new adventure. The Neverland community was faced with a challenge, as an unknown object made a big splash near the mermaids’ cove. This giant rock produced an egg, and the island became home to a new creature- a dragon. Mermaids, fairies, pirates, the lost boys, and even a lost girl, banded together to raise and protect the dragon, while the pirates plotted to steal it. Chaos broke out when a fairy guard fell asleep on the job and the dragon was captured. Of course, the dragon had to be rescued, and everyone met in the woods to talk strategy. Our adventure culminated in a big battle, which foiled Hook’s plans, and proved once again that Peter always wins.

At the 60th Comic Book Convention, we met the mind behind of Everybody Dance Now, one of the most successful comics in history. Her story? Well, she was just an average girl, sittin around, waiting for something to happen. Then one day, BAM! She saw something on TV that inspired her- the 51st Comic Book Convention. She decided to focus her energy on becoming a comic book artist. ZAP! She was transported into the world of comics, as her stories came to life in front of her. After creating a few duds, she finally settled on a winner, and VROOOOM, she sped to the drawing table. BANG! Her career shot forward, and she became the next big thing, inspiring the viewers at home with her incredibly journey. WOW!


Our rock musical tour brought together all kinds of famous musicians, dancers, actors and crew, as they traveled the world with their brand new show. The audience was granted an “all access pass” which took them backstage to see all the action, the drama, the heartache and the celebration- everything that makes a rock tour great! It was the dawning of the age of Aquarius, as the group played a mean pinball during this season of love. With songs from many of our favorite rock musicals, this show brought the house down, and had everyone singing, “Let’s do the time warp again!”


Thousands of contestants came out to audition for the very popular TV show, “We Know You Can Dance!” It was a week of excitement, energy and talent, as dancers broke out their best moves, trying to impress the judges. Through our commercials, interviews, and group dance numbers we learned the art of on-screen acting, as well as some important behind-the-scenes film-making truths. Our dancers came to realize that making a movie is a lot harder than they thought. Of course, we had lots of fun while doing all of this work, and our final product had everyone laughing, dancing and clapping.

We sailed on until we found ourselves shipwrecked on an island full of pirates. This island turned out to have a water-tunnel portal which transported us to another world- one with giant talking lobsters, magic balls that can turn into anything, and “the sweetest thing in the world”. We had a great adventure, full of pirate sword fights, disguises and betrayal, and all while hunting for the treasure. In the end, we discovered that all we really wanted was to go back home. After all, that is the sweetest thing in the world.

In the midst of all of this excitement we have also played many games, created many characters, designed costumes and set, made movie posters, maps and puppets, and learned how to perform on stage and screen.

And all this while developing our own original scripts!

So far this summer we have produced 4 original shows, including one film and one special Peter Pan Play. The Peter Pan Play marked the launch of ACT’s Original Play Program. This special two-week camp was designed to produce a longer play. Generally, our summer camp productions (all original) run about 15-20 minutes. This is because our summer camps usually run for just one week. With the Peter Pan Play, however, we had a full week to write and a full week to rehearse, work out the kinks and pull off a 50 minute show!

All of our productions this summer have been successful and we have had lots of great feedback from all those who came to watch. Of course, it’s easy to create great things when we have had such great children to work with.


OH! But, let’s not forget…we still have 4 weeks of camp to go!

Which also means we have 4 more original scripts to write and perform!

And all of that means…


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See you in camp!