Austin Children's Theater


Take a journey through the wardrobe into another world- one where animals talk and magic runs deep. The first and most famous book of The Chronicles of Narnia is now a musical. Join us in this enchanted world filled with creatures and spirits of myth and magic, good and evil, knowledge and power. The show begins at a moment of great adventure- Four children find their way into Narnia in the midst of a witch’s rule. They quickly learn about the true King of Narnia- Aslan, the great lion- who has been “On The Move”. Sing along, as the children work with Aslan and struggle to save this world and its inhabitants, learning along the way the valuable lessons of courage, trust, selflessness and wisdom. With beautiful and enchanting music and a vast cast of characters, this musical is perfect for the whole family!

Performed by the students of Austin Children’s Theater.

Performances held in the Chapel on the Sri Atmandana Memorial School Campus

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Performances are: