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Refund Policy

Refund of purchased camps or classes will only be given upon written notice of needed refund. $100 of any program, class, or camp purchased is non-refundable. This non-refundable portion of the full tuition is due upon enrollment. Written notice must be given at least one business week prior to the start date of purchased camp or class to cancel. After the start date of purchased camp or class no refund can be given in any amount and the total amount of camp will be charged.

Austin Children’s Theater reserves the right to close any program, camp, or class at any time for any reason. Collected payments will be refunded to those participants enrolled in such programs, classes, camps.

Delivery/Timing Method of Services Purchased

Purchased camps or classes will be delivered/received on the start date of purchased session and will be completed on the purchased session completion date.

Our Privacy Policy
Updated April 3, 2008

AUSTIN CHILDRENS THEATER.ORG is supported by grants from government and charitable organizations for the promotion of the arts. The AUSTINCHILDRENSTHEATER.ORG web site is provided as a public service for dissemination of information about the arts in our community. In general, AUSTINCHILDRENSTHEATER.ORG may receive “personal information” about users, and “posting information” which is information other than personal information and provided for dissemination on or through the AUSTINCHILDRENSTHEATER.ORG web site or organization services. References to “personal information” mean a person’s name, address, tele-phone number, e-mail address. AUSTINCHILDRENSTHEATER.ORG will not accept social security number information. Posting information is provided voluntarily for use AUSTINCHILDRENSTHEATER.ORG in any manner it deems appropriate, in its sole discretion. Receipt by AUSTINCHILDRENSTHEATER.ORG of any information or material from a user does not constitute a commitment by AUSTINCHILDRENSTHEATER.ORG to use or maintain the information in any fashion. Users are responsible for the accuracy of information provided to AUSTINCHILDRENSTHEATER.ORG.
All information which is submitted to AUSTINCHILDRENSTHEATER.ORG will be subject to the following privacy policies.


AUSTINCHILDRENSTHEATER.ORG currently requires registration and/or form submissions for use of the following services:

Class & Workshop Submissions

AUSTINCHILDRENSTHEATER.ORG registration forms require users to submit certain personal contact information (such as name and email address). Such personal information is used (a) to distribute to the registrant information he or she has requested, and (b) to contact a user in relation to his or her account or submission. Reasons for contacting users include problems with the account or submission, changes to our site which require action on the user’s part, or informing a user of additional services specifically related to the services for which the user has already registered. If you do not wish to provide us with any personal information, you may still access and use much of the site; however you will not be able to access and use those portions of the site that require you to provide your contact information.

Users may, at any time, unsubscribe from our mailing list, delete an account, or request that an event, job, or audition they have submitted be removed from the site.

Information Collected

Statistical information regarding user traffic is collected by our web host and provided to AUSTINCHILDRENSTHEATER.ORG. The statistical information is both used for internal purposes and reported to advertisers and other strategic and potential affiliates. Advertisers receive only information on an aggregate, rather than an individual, basis. A user’s individual email address will never be disclosed to any third party, unless we have received the user’s explicit permission to do so.

AUSTINCHILDRENSTHEATER.ORG may, at any time, delete information received from users from the AUSTINCHILDRENSTHEATER.ORG site without notice.

Third Party Advertising and Content

AUSTINCHILDRENSTHEATER.ORG provides numerous links to web sites for arts organizations, performance venues, and ticket sellers, among others. In addition, AUSTINCHILDRENSTHEATER.ORG is affiliated with, and has links to the web sites of, other companies and organizations.

If you choose to use the services provided by one of the linked sites, you may be asked by that site to provide certain personal information. Some of this information may, on an individual or aggregated basis, be shared with us. Any personal information will be kept under our privacy policy. Please be aware that AUSTINCHILDRENSTHEATER.ORG is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of other websites, even if our name or logo appears on those sites. We encourage you to be aware of when you leave our site and to read the privacy policy statements of each and every website you visit, especially before submitting private information, as the privacy policy of those sites may differ substantially from our own. Our Privacy Policy applies solely to AUSTINCHILDRENSTHEATER.ORG.

Credit Card Information

At this time AUSTINCHILDRENSTHEATER.ORG does collect credit card information. Our affiliates and other third party vendors often do also. Online merchandise and ticket purchases for items and/or events featured on links are fulfilled by an independent third-party vendor.


A cookie is a small amount of data that is sent to your browser from a Web server and stored on your computer’s hard drive. We use cookies in connection with certain of our services, for example, our Artist Profile and Bookmark services. Cookies may store a user’s name and password, sparing the user from having to re-enter that information each time he or she visits. Additionally, our advertisers may use cookies to help target advertisements based on user behavior. Users may choose to set their web browser to block cookies.

Note: AUSTINCHILDRENSTHEATER.ORG provides numerous links to third party websites that may also use cookies. Please review the privacy policy and terms of service statements for each linked site for further information about cookies they may use. AUSTINCHILDRENSTHEATER.ORG assumes no responsibility for the privacy policy and/or terms of service of any third party website, or the technologies they may use to track user behavior.

Feedback and Testimonials

Any comments, feedback, or testimonials provided to AUSTINCHILDRENSTHEATER.ORG regarding its services may be used by AUSTINCHILDRENSTHEATER.ORG to improve its services, for promotional use, and/or to establish or maintain relationships with strategic affiliates and/or advertisers, and becomes the property of AUSTINCHILDRENSTHEATER.ORG. If you have any comments, feedback, or testimonials you wish to provide to AUSTINCHILDRENSTHEATER.ORG, please contact us at mailto: contact page.

Contacting Us

Please see our contact page.

Changes to this Policy

AUSTINCHILDRENSTHEATER.ORG reserves the right to change this policy at any time. Please check this page periodically for changes. Your use of this site following the posting of changes to these terms will mean you accept those changes. Information collected prior to the time any change is posted will be used according to the rules and policies that applied at the time the information was collected.


AUSTINCHILDRENSTHEATER.ORG assumes no responsibility for, and expressly disclaims, any loss, expense, claim, or liability to users arising from any error in the information posted on its web site, the loss of any information transmitted to AUSTINCHILDRENSTHEATER.ORG for any reason, or for any failure or malfunction of the web site.

Transfer of Information

Except for personal information, users consent to transfers to third parties of any information they submit to AUSTINCHILDRENSTHEATER.ORG, at the discretion of AUSTINCHILDRENSTHEATER.ORG. AUSTINCHILDRENSTHEATER.ORG will not disclose or transfer user personal information to third parties without prior notification to the user and the opportunity for users to consent to or opt-out from any such disclosure or transfer. Notice is provided to a user once email notification is sent to the last email address listed with AUSTINCHILDRENSTHEATER.ORG by that user.